main d'accoucheur

What is main d’accoucheur?

Waht is main d’accoucheur?

main d’accoucheur is a French word which means “hand of the obstetrician“.

Children are more liable to develop tetany than adults and present with a characteristic triad of carpo-pedal spasm, stridor and convulsions, although one or more of these may be found independently of the others. In carpopedal spasm, the hands adopt a characteristic position with flexion of the metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers and adduction of the thumb (‘main d’accoucheur’).

Trousseau sign Elicitation Video

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main d'accoucheur

The sign is named after French physician Armand Trousseau who described the phenomenon in 1861. It is distinct from the Trousseau sign of malignancy.

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