Thorax Anatomy OSPE Question

Thorax Anatomy OSPE Question of AKMMC 1st Term. I am collecting the OSPE question for your prof exam. Before Prof take the preparation of the previous OSPE question. Today i am Publishing “Thorax Anatomy OSPE QuestionThorax Anatomy OSPE Question”. I think Definitely it will help you to memorize your given OSPE exam.


Station 1 – 1st Rib

  • Identify the bone with side determination
  • What is the relation of the front of its neck?

Station 2 – Costal Groove

  • Identify the chalked marked area and give its content.
  • What type of bone it is.

Station 3 – Sternum

  • Identify the bone.
  • What structures are related to the posterior surface of manubrium?

Station 4 – Anterior Interventricular  groove)

  • Identify the flag marked area
  • What is the content of it?

Station 5 –  Microscope

  • Write down the Optical Parts of this instrument.
  • What is the importance of fixation?

Station 6 –

  • Identify the Tied Structure
  • Mention its Blood Supply

Station 7 – Posterior Interventricular groove

  • Identify the flag marked area
  • What is the content of it
  • What is the artery supply of SA node?

Station 8 – Lung

Identify the viscera with its side.

Mention the blood supply of it.

Station 10 – Hilum of (Rt/Lt) lung

  • Identify the flag marked area with side determination
  • What structures passes through it?

Station 11 – Oesophageal Opening

  • Identify the flag marked area
  • Which structures passes through it.
  • Mention its location.

Station 12 – Trachea

  • Identify the tied structure
  • What is its extension?
  • Give it’s lining epithelium.

Station 13 – (X-Ray)

  • Identify the arrow marked area?
  • Mention its location

Station 14

Draw and Label the spinal Nerve.

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