Retroperitoneal Organs – Mnemonic

What is Retro Peritoneal Structures of the Body?

Organs are said to be in the retroperitoneum if they are lined by peritoneum only on their anterior side.

What is Retro Peritoneal Space?

The retroperitoneal space technically is outside of the peritoneum, between the abdomen and the back. It sometimes is referred to as the retroperitoneum or extraperitoneal because of its location. This space is not specifically delineated by any abdominal structure.

Retroperitoneal Organs
Retroperitoneal Organs

Retroperitoneal Organs – Mnemonic


  • S = Suprarenal (Adrenal) glands.
  • A = Aorta/Inferior Vena Cava.
  • D = Duodenum (second and third segments)
  • P = Pancreas.
  • U = Ureters.
  • C = Colon (ascending and descending only)
  • K = Kidneys.
  • E = Esophagus.

Pucker means a tightly gathered wrinkle or small fold, especially on a person’s face. Or to tighten skin or cloth until small folds appear or (of skin or cloth) to form small folds.

It’s not alway easy for beginning students to remember which organs are peritoneal and which are retroperitoneal.

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