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Regarding Glomerulus

Question: Regarding Glomerulus

a) is a small tuft of capillaries

b) contains podocytes

c) covered with diaphragm

d) small fenestrae of endothelial cell

e) contains mesangial cells

Answer hint:

Regarding Glomerulus

Glomerulus is a small tuft of capillaries. Glomerular epithelial cells podocytes put out the long foot process which interdigitate with those of adjacent epithelial cells. Glomerular capillary endothelial cells contain pores. These pores are called fenestrae. They are large fenestrae, are not covered by diaphragm. Which allow access of circulating molecules to the underlying GBM. Mesangial cells lie in the central region of glomerulus.

Answer of Regarding Glomerulus

TRUE a) is a small tuft of capillaries

TRUE b) contains podocytes

FALSE c) covered with diaphragm

FALSE d) small fenestrae of endothelial cell

TRUE e) contains mesangial cells

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