UMNL paralysis

Hard sign of UMNL include

a)      Hypertonia b)      Superficial reflex lost c)       Brisk knee jerk d)      Babinski’s sign positive Upper motor neuron lesion Davidson 22 page 1162 Inspection Normal (may be wasting in chronic lesions) Tone Increased with clonus Pattern of weakness Preferentially affects extensors in arms, flexors in leg Hemiparesis, paraparesis or tetraparesis Deep tendon reflexes Increased Plantar response Extensor (Babinski sign) So the most probable answer is a)

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Nephrology Preparation

Regarding Renin

Question: Regarding Renin a) Acts as a enzyme b) Secreted from Juxtaglomerular apparatus c) Secreted in response to reduced efferent arteriolar pressure d) Reduced Na+ content in fluid of distal convoluted tubule causes secretion e) Plasma renin activity measured in hypertension Answer hint: Renin referred to as a hormone although it has no peripheral receptors and rather has an enzymatic activity with which it hydrolyzes angiotensinogen to angiotensin

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Breast Cancer Steroid

Steroid hormone is used in the treatment of

Steroid hormone is used in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma Breast Cancer CML Multiple Sclerosis Cervical carcinoma Answer: B) Breast Cancer Treatment of Multiple Myeloma – Davidson 1047 (22nd Edition) If patients are asymptomatic with no evidence of end organ damage (e.g. to kidneys, bone marrow or bone), treatment may not be required. High fluid intake to treat renal impairment and hypercalcaemia Analgesia for bone

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