Part of Filtration Barrier

Followings are Part of Filtration Barrier

Question: Followings are Part of Filtration Barrier

a) Endothelial Cells

b) Glomerular Basement Membrane

c) Bowman’s Capsule

d) Renal Capsule

e) Mesangial Cells

Answer hint:

When a substance has passed through the glomerular capillary endothelial cells, Glomerular basement membrane and podocytes, then it enters the lumen of the tubules and it is known as glomerular filtrate. Podocytes are sometimes considered as a visceral layer of Bowman’s Capsule rather than part of Glomerulus. Mesangial cells are not part of the filtration barrier but are specialized pericytes that participate indirectly in filtration by contracting and reducing the glomerular surface area and therefore reduced glomerular filtration rate.

Answer of “Followings are Part of Filtration Barrier

TRUE a) Endothelial Cells

TRUE b) Glomerular Basement Membrane

TRUE c) Bowman’s Capsule

False d) Renal Capsule

False e) Mesangial Cells

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