AV Block in Simple Explanation

AV Block in Simple Explanation AV block in simple explanation correlated with husband and wife relation. You can easily remember the pattern of ECG reading this. P wave = Wife QRS = Husband Normal sinus rhythm: the wife (P wave) waits at home for the husband (QRS). the husband (QRS) come homes on time every night. 1st degree AV block: the wife (P wave) is

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Retroperitoneal Organs – Mnemonic

What is Retro Peritoneal Structures of the Body? Organs are said to be in the retroperitoneum if they are lined by peritoneum only on their anterior side. What is Retro Peritoneal Space? The retroperitoneal space technically is outside of the peritoneum, between the abdomen and the back. It sometimes is referred to as the retroperitoneum or extraperitoneal because of its location. This space is not

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Essential Amino Acids – Mnemonics

Essential Amino Acids – Mnemonics What is Essential Amino Acids? An Essential amino acid or indispensable amino acid is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized de novo by the organism being considered, and therefore must be supplied in its diet. – Source Then again What is Amino Acids and what is the benefit of Amino Acids in our body? Twenty percent of the human

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C Reactive Protein

C Reactive Protein Increase and Normal Disease – Mnemonic

C Reactive Protein Increase and Normal Disease – Mnemonic C–reactive protein (CRP) is an annular (ring-shaped), pentameric protein found in blood plasma, the levels of which rise in response to inflammation (i.e., C–reactive protein is an acute-phase protein of hepatic origin that increases following interleukin-6 secretion from macrophages and T cells). C Reactive Protein is not raised in Please Try to remember the mnemonics –

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Autosomal Dominant

Autosomal Dominant Disorders Mnemonic

Autosomal Dominant Disorders Mnemonic There are several Autosomal Dominant Disorders Mnemonic present. I have collected all. One of the simplest one is: Mnemonic for autosomal dominant disorders is : “Very Powerful DOMINANT Humans” V– Von willibrands disease/ Von hippel lindau P – Pseudo hypoparathyroidism D – Dystrophia myotonica O – Osteogenesis imperfecta/Osler-weber-rendu M – Marfans syndrome I – Intermittent porphyria N – Neurofibramatosis A –

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