OSPE Questions – Superior Extremity


Recently Superior Extremity with tiny bit thorax card (lungs and heart). I have collected the 20 stations OSPE (Objective Structured Practical Examinations) of 2 sets. I think it will help the students to recapitulate later the questions. Answer or identified structure is written beside the station. Individual question marks are given beside each Question.



Station1 (Radial Groove)

  1. Identify the Chalked Marked Area? 1
  2. Give it’s Content? 1
  3. What is Wrist Drop? 3



How Rotator’s Cuff is Formed? How the Stability of Shoulder joint is maintained?             2+3



Define Dermatome? Draw and Label the dermatome of upper limb?      1+4


Station4               (Left Clavicle)

  1. Identify the bone with side determination? 1
  2. What type of bone is it?                 1
  3. Write down its Peculiarities 3



Draw and Label the superficial Lymphatic Drainage of Breast. 3

Give its clinical Importance          2



Draw and Label the cutaneous nerve supply of hand?



Give the attachment of chalked mark area?        1

Give its nerve supply, Action and clinical importance.       1+2+1



Mention the names and types of joint formed between Radius and Ulna.                            2

Name the muscle producing supination and pronation.  3



Mention the boundary and contents of cubital fossa.



Describe the interior of Rt. Atrium. Give its Development.


Station 11 (Coronary Sulcus)

Identify the flagged mark area?                1

Give its Content and Tributaries?              1 + 3


Station 12

Define Bronchopulmonary Segment.      1

Draw and Label the Bronchopulmonary segment of Left Lung?   4


Station 13

  1. Name the intrinsic muscle of hand. 2
  2. Give the Nerve supply of those muscles.                 2
  3. What is claw hand? 1


Station 14

Draw and label the brachial Plexus?         5


Station 15

Give the arterial supply of lung. 2

Give the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic action over lung.      3


Station 16 (Radiology)

  1. Identify the arrow marked area? 1
  2. What are the movements occur in this joint? What type of joint it is? 1+1
  3. Mention the muscles producing the movements of this joint. 2


Station 17

Mention the boundary and Contents of Axilla.   3+2


Station 18 (Body)

  1. Identify the ties structure.
  2. Give its Root Value
  3. Which clinical condition its related with this structure.


Station 19 (Body) – Deltoid

  1. Identify the Flagged Mark Muscle. 1
  2. Give its Nerve Supply 1
  3. Give it’s Action. 3


Station 20 – Surface Marking

Brachial Artery, Ulnar artery, Radial Artery, Median Nerve, Superficial Palmer Arch, Deep Palmer Arch



Station 1 – Radial Groove of Humerus

  1. Identify the chalked marked area? 1
  2. Give its Content? 1
  3. What is Wrist Drop? 3

Station 2

  1. a) How rotator’s cuff is formed. 2
  2. b) How the stability of shoulder joint is maintained? 3

Station 3

  1. Define Dermatome? 1
  2. Draw and label the dermatome.                 4

Station 4 – (Venous Drainage of Brain)

  1. Identify the A,C,D marked area?
  2. Give its clinical importance of “D” marked area?

Station 5

Draw and label the superficial lymphatic drainage of breast & its clinical importance.

Station 6

Draw and label the cutaneous nerve supply of hand.

Station 7 ( Serratus Anterior)

Give the attachment of Chalked Area? 1

Give its Nerve Supply and action and clinical importance. 1+2+1

Station 8

  1. Mention the Names and Types of joint formed by both Radius and Ulna. 2
  2. Name the Muscle producing supination and pronation. 3


Station 9

Mention the boundary and contents of Cubital Fossa.    5


Station 10

Describe the interior of Rt. Atrium. Give its development. 3+2

Station 11 – Coronary Sulcus

  1. Identify the Flagged marked area? 1
  2. Give its content and tributaries? 1 + 3

Station 12

Define bronchopulmonary segment.

Draw and label the bronchopulmonary segment of left Lung? 1 + 4

Station 13

  1. Name the muscles of hand. 2
  2. Give the nerve supply of those muscles. 2
  3. What is Claw hand? 1

Station 14

Draw and label the brachial plexus?

Station 15

  1. Give the artery Supply of Lung
  2. Give the parasympathetic and sympathetic action over the lung.

Station 16 (Radiology – Elbow Joint)

  1. What is the marked Area?
  2. Give the types and movements of this joint?
  3. Name the Muscles Producing the Action.

Station 17 – Mention the boundary and contents of the axilla.            (3 + 2)

Station 18 – (Median Nerve)

  1. What is the tied marked structure? 1
  2. Root Value of this Structure? 1
  3. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 3

Station 19 – Deltoid Muscle

  1. Identify the Flagged Marked Muscles.
  2. Give the Nerve Supply of that muscle.
  3. Give the Actions of that Muscle.

Structure 20 – Surface Marking

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